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Rules for authors

Editorial Board draws the attention of the authors to the need at the direction of the article to the editorial board to strictly observe the following rules:

1. article should not exceed 10 pages. Computer text, including text, tables, bibliography (no more than 15 sources), pictures, the number of which shall not exceed 4, and text summaries in Russian and Tajik languages .

2. The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word system, at the same time with printing articles in 2 copies and shall be the relevant files (for each item on a separate disk or floppy disk). The manuscript should be printed on the computer (headset Times New Roman, type size - 14, interval between lines - 1.5) on white paper A4 (297h210 mm). The text should occupy no more than 30 lines of 60 characters per line, should be left on the left margin of at least 25 mm. All manuscript pages must be numbered.

3. The drawings, graphs, charts and photographs in the manuscript text is inserted and attached separately, and must be made on white paper in the form of computer print on a laser printer with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) . Explanatory signature and formulas on the picture are not desirable. Illustrations should be presented as a separate JPEG or TIFF file with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) and no smaller than 5x6 cm and not more than 15h18 cm. Accepted for publication only black-and-white illustrations. The repetition of the same data in the text, tables and figures is not allowed.

4. The tables are numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text in Arabic numerals. The table name must be followed after the number. All columns in the tables must have headers and be divided by vertical lines. Rows of the table must also be separated by horizontal lines.

5. in the upper right corner of the first pages of the manuscript indicates a branch of science in which the article is placed, the line below the left corner of the page indicates UDC, then the next line of the center - the initials and surname of the author (s) under them - the title of the article. name of institution (s) between the header and the printed text, which carried an article submitted. Then summarizes in Russian. After resume separately listed keywords. On the paper attached resume in Tajik and English, key words in English and email address for correspondence. The manuscript e-mail addresses, telephone numbers must be attached, surname, name, patronymic and degrees of the author (s).

6. The reduction of words, names are not allowed, except for common abbreviations measures, physical, chemical and mathematical values, terms, etc.

7. The formulas and symbols should be typed on a computer. cumbersome notation should be avoided. Numbered formulas are written with a red line, the equation number in parentheses is placed at the right edge. Numbered only those formulas that are referenced. Particular attention should be paid to the careful image indexes and exponents, mark them with a pencil arcs above and below. In order to avoid mistakes should be made a clear distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin and Greek alphabet, which have a similar mark, for which the capital letters to emphasize the two lines from the bottom, and the lower case - on top. Difficult-letters and signs should have explanations in the margins. In accordance with the above, the author should mark the full text, formulas, tables and figures in one copy of the manuscript.

8. References in the paper are given in square brackets, eg [1], [1,3-5]. References are listed in one list (under the heading "References") in the order mentioned in the text and is issued as follows:
For books:, name and initials of the author, full title of the book, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, volume or issue, the total number of pages.
For periodicals:, name and initials of the author, title of publication, year of publication, volume, number, first and last page of the article:
Before place the publications put a dash between the place of publication and publisher - the colon, before the year editions - a comma before the magazine name - dash.

References to unpublished works are not allowed.

The manuscripts submitted to the editorial board should be the direction of the institution, expert opinion on the possibility of publication. When you work in several institutions presented expert opinions from each institution. K article must be accompanied by a certified expert review.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make cuts and edits manuscripts to recommend articles to the depositary. In the case of the return of the manuscript to the author for revision date of submission shall be the date of receipt of the final text by the Editorial Board. Manuscripts that do not meet these rules, the editorial board will not be accepted.

In the event the article edited by the author returns a copy of the manuscript, and the editors reserve the right not to hold discussions based on its rejection.

Receive text of the manuscript is the final, must be carefully prepared, verified, without corrections, and signed by the author (s). Collective article should be signed by all the authors.