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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение физико-математических, химических, геологических и технических наук, №2, 2013 г.

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Rakhmonov P.Z.
Generalized Estermann ternary problem for noninteger powers with almost equal summands
An asymptotic formula for the number of the solutions of the equation has been proven for , where is sufficiently large and is fixed noninteger number satisfying the following conditions

Ключевые слова: почти равные слагаемые; тернарная проблема Эстермана; короткая тригонометрическая сумма с нецелой степенью натурального числа; асимптотическая формула; Almost equal summands; termann's ternary problem; short exponential sums; asymptotic formula.

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Azizov M., Pulatov M.
An exact values of -widths of some classes of functions, which emergent in solving of mathematical physics equations problems
The main purpose of this paper is to find the exact values of -width for classes of functions which emerge in solving the mathematical physics equations problems in Hilbert space.

Ключевые слова: гильбертово пространство; нижняя грань; линейный оператор; поперечник; Hilbert space; lower boundary; linear operator; widths.

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Aligavarov S.A.
The best cubature formulas for some classes of two variables functions given by modulus of continuity
In this paper the problem of minimization error of cubature formulas on classes functions given by modulus of continuity is solved. The exact values of error on considered classes functions of two variables is founded.

Ключевые слова: кубатурная формула; погрешность; верхняя грань; модуль непрерывности; cubature formula; error; upper boundary; modulus of continuity.

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Palavonov K.K.
About the best approximation of periodic functions and value of widths some classes in
In the article for classes of periodic functions which is given by modulus of continuity of -order and satisfying the condition were is an arbitrary continuous increasing function with founded of exact value of some different -widths.

Ключевые слова: наилучшее приближение; экстремальная характеристика; обобщенный модуль непрерывности; n-поперечники; the best approximation; extremal characteristic; generalized modulus of continuity; n-widths.

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Komilov F.S., Kosimov I.L.
Simulation modeling of fish population ecosystem of the pond
The situation ecosystem at each moment of time is defined concentration 15 phase variable. In models are considered three types of fish – carp, white silver carp and white amur. Other variable models are chosen in accordance with stern base of the fish and account of the rotation material in ecosystem. The Input functions to models are temperature of the water and solar radiation. They are enclosed also five controlling functions, characterizing contributing artificial stern and mineral fertilizers.

Ключевые слова: рыбоводный пруд; экосистема; моделирование; рыба; карп; белый толстолобик; белый амур; ecosystem; a fishpond-modeling; a fish; carp; white silver carp; white amur.

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Komilov K., Zaripov A.K.
The equations for binary density and the binary stream of particles of electroconducting magnetic liquids
In work on the basis of a method of the kinetic equations it is output the differential equations for binary density and a binary stream of particles of electroconducting magnetic liquids. These equations are the nonuniform equations of parabolic type. The solution of these equations completely feature existential behaviour of binary density and a binary stream of particles of electroconducting magnetic liquids, i.e. process of a structural relaxation.

Ключевые слова: электропроводящие магнитные жидкости; бинарная плотность; бинарный поток частиц; структурная релаксация; electroconducting magnetic liquids; binary density; binary stream of particles; structural relaxation.

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Yusupov I.Kh., Bakhdavlatov A.D., Marupov R., Shukurov T.
Moleculardinamics of a wild-growing her schrenk is studied by spin lable method
It is shown that parameters of rotary diffusion of the radical attached to structure of Rhadiola Gelida Schrenk depends on the place of its growth and the ecological condition of the environment. It is established that at a temperature over 313 K the structural transitions occurs, of which was accompanied by noticeable increase the rotary diffusion the radical in all studied samples.

Ключевые слова: родиола холодная; спиновая метка; молекулярная динамика; спектры ЭПР; Rhadiola gelida Schrenk; spin lable; molecular dynamics; EPR spectra.

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Mirsaidov U.M., Yatimov P.M., Mamatov E.D., Kobuliev Z.V., Nazarov Sh.B.
Chlorination of prebaked danburite concentrate and evaluation of kinetics parameters
The results of chlorination of prebaked danburite concentrate are presented in this work. The optimal conditions of reprocessing are found. The kinetics of process is evaluated.

Ключевые слова: концентрат данбурита; предварительный обжиг; хлорирование; danburite concentrate; prebaking; chlorination.

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Shamsara O., Muhidinov Z.K., Bobokalonov J.T., Usmanova S.R., Liu L.S.
Formation of microcapsule from high methoxyl pectins and whey lactoglobulines
The process of microencapsulation of model drug through complex formation between whey lactoglobulin concentrate (LgC) and different high methoxyl (HM-) pectins from apples and citrus in the oil/water (O/W) interface were investigated. There are optimum conditions for obtaining stable emulsions by changing the ionic strength of the system, capable of forming a solid layer at the O/W interface were studied. It is shown that the emulsion system formed by apple pectin has maximum particle number, higher drug loading efficiency in comparison with the citrus pectin. Delivery systems in the form of emulsion microparticles have demonstrated the ability to efficiently encapsulate the model drug-piroxicam, which can be widely used in the development of injectable and aerosol delivery systems.

Ключевые слова: ВМ-пектин; концентрат лактоглобулинов; эмульсия; инкапсулирование; HM-pectin; lactoglobulin concentrate; emulsion; microencapsulation.

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Degtev M.I., Nechaeva E.N., Aminjanov A.A., Photin V.V.
Pyrazolone derivatives in the extraction of hydrargyrum ions (II) from chloride solutions
The assessment of the extraction ability of diantipyril- and dipyrazolonilmetanes, evidence from the hydrargyrum ions extraction from chloride solutions into chloroform, was appraised. The influence of reagents basicity, chain length of alkyl radical at the central atom of the molecule reagent on distribution ratio of hydrargyrum ions was established. The composition, the mechanism of the extracted complexes were determined, the extraction constants and the distribution ratios of the hydrargyrum (II) chloride complexes were calculated.

Ключевые слова: антипирин; диантипирилметаны; дипиразолонилметаны; экстракция; хлороформ; коэффициент распределения; константа экстракции; ртуть (II); antipyrine; diantipyrilmethanes; dipyrazolonilmetanes; extraction; chloroform; distribution ratio; extraction constant; hydrargyrum (II).

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Valiev Yu.Ya., Isroilov M.A., Boboev H.E., Bahretdinov R.M., Safiev A.H., Safiev H.
Study of the recovery of waste water soluble salts and cathode side blocks electrolyzers aluminum production
The paper presents the results of investigations to establish the optimal parameters of the extraction and composition of the water-soluble salts from waste cathode blocks and side pots. Studies have shown that aqueous extracts of solid carbon and graphite waste of aluminum production in an industrial environment can be soda ash and sodium fluoride. Furthermore, aqueous extracts obtained can also be used as a scrub solution irrigation system.

Ключевые слова: отработанные катодные и бортовые блоки; утилизация углеграфитовых отходов; вытяжка растворимых солей; cathode and side blocks; Carbon Heel; water-soluble salt; water extract.

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Kolchin A.N., Fayziev A.R.
Correlation of the lower permian depression ring structures in Karamazar volcanogenic series
Using three circular volcano-tectonic depressions in Karamazar correlate of upper volcanic rocks.

Ключевые слова: вулкано-тектоническая депрессия; корреляция; разрез; осадочно-эффузивная порода; вулканогенная толща; структур а; volcano-tectonic depression; correlation; section; sedimentary and volcanic rocks; volcanic series; structure.

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Ruziev J.R.
Vulnerability asstssment large-residential buildings Dushanbe field survey results
The first large-residential buildings in Dushanbe in operation for 50 years. During this time, they have not been examined, their technical condition is not set, reduction and strengthening activities are not carried out. And their share in the total volume of buildings is essential. The paper presents the results of field surveys 1400 homes, to determine their vulnerabilities and their technical condition.

Ключевые слова: стихийные бедствия; уязвимость; стыки панелей; типология; блокирование; секция; natural disasters; vulnerability; joints of panels; Typology; don; blocking homes; single-section and multi-sectional homes.

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