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Известия Академии наук Республики Таджикистан. Отделение физико-математических, химических, геологических и технических наук, №3, 2015 г.

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Shamsudinov F.M.
Integral representations solutions for one special system differential equations to order with weak features
In this work for one special system of second order differential equations with singularity point are obtained representation the manifold solution and study the properties of solutions.

Ключевые слова: переопределенная система; слабая особенность; сингулярная точка; прямоугольник; свойства решений; over determined system; singular point; manifold solution; rectangle; properties of solutions.

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Konstantinova T.P.
Homogeneous variational Dirichlet problem connected with a noncoercive form which lower coefficients belong to lebesgue spaces
We prove a theorem on a unique solvability of the variational Dirichlet problem with homogeneous boundary conditions for an higher order elliptic operator in a bounded domain with power degeneracy on the boundary. The operator under consideration generated by noncoercive sesquilinear form which lower coefficients belong to some weighted L -spaces.

Ключевые слова: задача Дирихле; эллиптический оператор; степенное вырождение; некоэрцитивная полуторалинейная форма; Dirichlet problem; elliptic operator; power degeneracy; noncoercive sesquilinear form.

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Rahmonov B.A.
A generalization of the degenerate non-classical systems of equations of fourth order
In this work the general degenerate system equation of the 4th order of composite type are considered end unambiguous resolubility of a task like Cauchy’s task with modified entry conditions in investigated.

Ключевые слова: разрешимость; видоизмененная задача Коши; корректные задачи; неклассическая система уравнений; функция Грина; характеристический определитель; solvability; modified Cauchy problem; posed problems; non-classical systems of equations; Green’s function; characteristic form.

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Seidakmat kizi E.
The solution of nonlinear optimization of thermal processes descrited by Volterra integro-differential equations
In the paper, we investigated the questions of unique solvability the problem of nonlinear optimal control of the thermal processes described by Volterra integro-differential equations when the control parameters are nonlinearly included into the equation as well as into the boundary condition. For optimization problems we obtained the sufficient conditions of the unique solvability and we developed for constructing the complete solution in the form of the triple.

Ключевые слова: краевая задача; функционал; векторное оптимальное управление; система нелинейных интегральных уравнений; boundary problem; functional; weak optimal control; system of nonlinear integral equations.

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Usmanov Z.D., Pirov S.M.
About developing a basis to metrization of word's euphony
We present a systematic approach to forming a basis to the automated recognition of word's euphony for natural languages.

Ключевые слова: слово; эвфония; эвфонометрия; системный подход; word; euphony; metrization; systematization.

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Salikhov T.Kh., Zafari Umar, Rahimi Farhod
The contribution of the temperature dependence of the thermal expansion coefficient on the wave equations of the first and second sound in superfluid helium
The system of wave equations for the vibration of the pressure and temperature in superfluid helium with takes into account the dependence the α ( T ) - coefficient of thermal expansion of the temperature has been obtained. This will create a theory of acoustic waves of the first and second sound laser beam in superfluid helium through the thermal mechanism near a special point of superfluid helium when α ( T )=0.

Ключевые слова: оптоакустика; сверхтекучий гелий; тепловой механизм; тепловая нелинейность; optoacoustic; superfluid helium; thermal mechanism; thermal nonlinearity.

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Mulloev N.U., Islomov Z.Z., Fayzieva M., Safarova R., Yusupova J.
IR-spectrums of related heterocyclic compounds
The effect introduced in the molecular cycle structural elements in the IR spectra of heterocyclic compounds of the pyrroles series has been investigated. It is shown that the entered structural elements influence the oscillation frequency of the oscillating group, and also have the opposite effect - in one case the constituent lowers the frequency, and the other leads to its increase. The observed changes the polarizing influence entered the structural elements in the equilibrium distribution of the electrons oscillating group are explained

Ключевые слова: ароматические гетероциклы; ИК-спектры; структурные фрагменты; индукционный эффект; aromatic heterocyclic; IR-spectrums; structural fragments; induction effect.

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Nizomov J.N., Kalandarbekov I.
Numerical modeling of beams on elastic foundation
Investigated by numerical simulation of the stress-strain state of beams on elastic foundation under static and dynamic loads. It is shown that the proposed algorithm is based on the basis of concentrated deformation allows us to investigate the static and dynamic behavior of the bending of the beam on elastic foundation under various boundary conditions. The accuracy of the simulation results is confirmed by comparing the data with the results of the exact solution.

Ключевые слова: метод сосредоточенных деформаций; расширенная область; винклеровское основание; динамическая модель; коэффициент жёсткости основания; параметр жёсткости; аналитическое решение; method of concentrated deformation; expanded area; Winkler foundation; a dynamic model; stiffness coefficient of foundation; the stiffness parameter; analytic solution.

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Safarmamadov S.M., Muborakkadamov D.A., Mabatkadamova K.S.
Complexation gold (III) with 1,2,4-triazole
Potentiometric method studied complexation of gold (III) with 1,2,4-triazole at 288-318 K. It has been established that gold (III) with 1,2,4-triazole forms four complex forms. For all complex forms to determine the composition and overall stability constants. The regularity of the change in the numerical values of the stability constants of complexes of gold (III) of the number of attached of 1,2,4-triazole and temperature. The thermodynamic functions of reaction of formation of complexes.

Ключевые слова: золото(III); 1,2,4-триазол; комплексообразование; константы устойчивости; gold (III); 1,2,4-triazole; complexation; stability constants.

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Pachadzhanov D.N.
Geochemistry of the potassium, rubidium and cezium in mezozoic sedimentation of Tajik depression
The distribution of K, Rb and Ce in sedimentation of the Tajik depression has been investigated.

Ключевые слова: калий; рубидий; цезий; осадочные породы; Таджикская депрессия; potassium; rubidium; cezium; sedimentary rocks of Tajik depression.

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Gadoev M.L.
Trace elements in barite deposits in the Karamazar
The article shows the distribution of trace elements in barite deposits in the Karamazar. The report demonstrates that each of the barite deposits examined was characterized by high contents of certain elements such as Sr, AI, Ca, Fe, Mg, etc.

Ключевые слова: месторождение; рудопроявление; барит; элементы-примеси; deposits; ore occurrence; barite; trace elements.

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Faiziev A.R., Faiziev F.A.
Оreformation types of silver deposits in Tajikistan
Silver occurs in the form of actual silver and silver deposits. The first is the silver-polymetallic silver-antimony, tin-silver and silver-gold oreformation types, and the second - silver-polymetallic deposits. They differ in mineral composition, physical and chemical conditions of education and other factors.

Ключевые слова: серебро; месторождение; формационный тип; минерал; рудное поле; silver; mine; formation type; mineral; ore field.

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Sabirov A.A.
Taxonomy of family Parathuramminidae E. Bykova, 1955 (foraminifera)
In the article on the basis of analysis of the world literature and author’s study of Paleozoic Tien-Shan the new taxonomy of family Parathuramminidae has been worked out, into the composition of which 14 genera and 4 subgenera of the primitive foraminifera are included, 5 genera and 2 subgenera from being established by the author.

Ключевые слова: фораминиферы; паратурамминиды; систематика; палеозой; foraminifera; parathuramminides; taxonomy; Paleozoic.

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Saidov I.I., Kodirov A.S., Stepanova N.N.
The analysis of potential and the controls formation of chemical composition of the natural waters, example of vakhsh river
The article examines the natural processes of formation of water quality. Conducted literary analysis of mineralization of the main rivers of Tajikistan and developed a scheme for evaluating the likely and manage a chemical composition of natural waters.

Ключевые слова: природный процесс; качество воды; управление водой; система наблюдений; минерализация; natural process; water quality; water management; surveillance systems; mineralization.

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Rahmatilloev R., Nematova F.G.
Water distribution modeling in the Fergana Big Canal on example kanibadam district of Republic of Tajikistan
According to the model applied the calculation water balance method on the certain part of canal. Conducted calculation of main water expense distribution of canal with the canal length an account to water loess, taken by water taps, the useful action canal coefficient which provided the transit dump to end of canal.

Ключевые слова: канал; водораспределение; участок канала; водный баланс; потери воды; canal; water-distribution; canal part; water balance; water loess.

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Akhmedov Kh.M., Partoev K., Tashbaev G.A.
The сhemical compound, biological and economic efficiency jerusalem artichoke
In this article provides basic information on the chemical composition of Jerusalem artichoke, research authors on the study of features of growth and development, biological productivity and yield of Jerusalem artichoke tubers under Gissar and the Rasht Valley. Given the prospect of evaluation use Jerusalem artichoke, as feed for livestock and raw materials for biofuels. Developed a method of producing ethanol from Jerusalem artichoke allows to obtain high yield of ethanol. Recommended composition of biofuels for internal combustion engines. Indicated the ways of intensification of work in the field of preparation and application of Jerusalem artichoke in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Ключевые слова: биотехнология; растительное сырьё; биоэнергетика; биотопливо; топинамбур; урожайность; биоэтанол; нетрадиционные виды сырья; спиртовая промышленность; углеводы; biotechnology; plant material; bioenergy; biofuels; Jeruasalem artichoke; productivity; bioethanol; unconventional materials; alcohol industry; carbohydrates.

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