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The procedure for reviewing articles

  1. Articles coming to the editor, pass a preliminary examination (conducted by the members of the editorial board - experts in the relevant field of science) and received in the prescribed manner. to the design requirements of the original articles are in «Rules for authors» , published in every issue of the magazine. The editors reserve the right to reject without review articles that do not meet the profile of the magazine or decorated with a breach of the rules.

  2. If the manuscript is accepted, the editorial says the author comments on the content and design of articles that need to be addressed before the transmission of the text for review.

  3. Next, the article reviewed by a mandatory member of the editorial board or experts relevant specialty (PhDs). All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have for the last three years of the publication of peer-reviewed articles on the subject.

  4. The editorial board is not involved in the work of reviewers, who may have a conflict of interest with the authors of manuscripts. Authors can provide the names of people whose purpose reviewers undesirable because of the potential conflict of interest, explaining its position. The authors of the manuscript entitled to recommend to the reviewers - specialists in the field (no more than two persons), satisfying the requirements of paragraph 3. Selection of reviewers editorial board reserves the

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  6. The review should include a reasonable transfer of article characteristics, including scientific novelty of the problem, its urgency, factual and historical value, the accuracy of the citation style of presentation, the use of modern sources as well as a reasoned listing its disadvantages. Finally, an overall assessment of the article and advice for the editorial board - to publish an article, publish it in final form, directed to further review the expert on a certain topic, reject

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  8. The amount of reviews - at least one page of text

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  10. Papers accepted for publication, but in need of improvement, is sent to the authors with comments from reviewer and editor. Authors should make all necessary changes in the final version of the manuscript to the editor and return the corrected text, as well as its electronic version is identical with the original version of the manuscript. Revised article is reviewed again, and the editorial board makes a decision on its publication.

  11. In case of a negative conclusion of the editorial board of the publication of the author (s) shall be sent a copy of the review, or a reasoned refusal.

  12. The article deemed to be accepted for publication in the presence of a positive review, and if it was supported by members of the editorial board. The order and sequence of publication of the article is determined by the date of receipt of its final version.

  13. Review the manuscript shall be confidential. Disclosure of the confidential details of the review of the manuscript violates the rights of the author. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles for their needs.

  14. Reviewers, as well as members of the board are not allowed to use in their own interest the information contained in the manuscript before its publication.

  15. If requested, editors send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation or to other relevant bodies.

  16. All the reviews are stored in the magazine in five years.